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Frequently Asked Questions

- How much does it cost to ship a drum?  The cost of a 75 gallon drum is approximately $70.  Depending on where it is going, it can cost $200-$400 per drum to ship door to door.  We work to ensure these drums are packed well, leaving no space left opened.

- How long does it take to arrive to its destination? It depends on where it is going.  Most drums once shipped are sent to New York City metro region, where they are then loaded onto on cargo ships.  It can take a couple months for them to arrive.  This needs to be considered when setting up a campaign.

- Am I limited to shipping items on the online list? No, however the items shipped need to be thought out, particularly the unit volume cost.  You don't want to ship things that are bulky and/or inexpensive.  In some cases that could cost more to ship the item then to buy it in country.  If that is the case it might be best to send money and buy the items there.  On occasion, if items cant be purchased in country or maybe the value goes beyond the monitory cost, it may make sense to ship regardless.

- How will I know my items will arrive?  We work with established shipping professionals who do this on a daily basis are are aware of the various customs requirements and can help head off any issues.

How do you keep track of what is needed or already been bought?  This process works best if you use the online registry that can be custom tailored to the needs of the recipient, and allows for the tracking of what is needed, and if any of those items have been purchased.  It works very similar to a wedding registry.

- How do you collect items?  We can collect items from you or your organization, but prefer they be direct shipped to our packaging and shipping location.

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